Wednesday, December 16, 2009


You know what really puts me into the holiday spirit? Yeah that’s right, Daughters of the Dragon.

This image has been knocking around in my head for a while now. I always like to keep several commissions going at once. This is because of the random way ideas form. It’s another thing that separates commercial work from commissions. Commercial work will have exacting requirements for size, theme, and especially time. I always do battle with that last one. Ideas have to be created, edited, and produced on tap. Sometimes this can be like squeezing water from a stone, but it can often lead to spontaneous shotgun creativity. Commercial work is the active pursuit of images, but commissions are passive. I allow the paintings to come to me. Every so often it’s all in a rush or dream, but often it’s like following a trail of breadcrumbs. This was defiantly breadcrumbs. One day I would get the attitude of a pose, and then a week later I’d get a sense of colors, and a month later Misty’s face would pop into my head clear as day.

This sketch was the last piece of the puzzle, and with it I was off to the races.


Pointpusher said...

Good to see an update sir. I am a huge fan, and I can't wait to see where take this one. Happy Holidays.

Brian said...

I was into the Marvel Kung Fu books back in the day and was a big fan of Marshall Rogers work on Batman, so when I saw he was doing the Daughters of the Dragon story in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, I just about flipped.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the girls.

brian said...

point: Good to be back. Doing this really gives me a chance to check myself.

Brian:I got into the giant black-and-white books even before I discovered the regular comics. If it was kung fu, I was there. Fantastic art, kung fu, and hot babes, who could ask for more?

augustwalker said...

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