Monday, October 13, 2008

The eyes have it

A few people have asked for a larger scan of Lucy so they can see more of the details. I try to save Hi rez images for the yearly sketchbook, but here is a detailed section. At this level you can see that colors are more layered rather than blended.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Having a Ball

Don't you just hate it when work, obligations, and life get in the way of a good blog? I've just gone through a crushing few months as a result of a scheduling perfect storm. Things are starting to calm down now and I'm reacquainting myself with long neglected things like this blog, and um sleep.

Pat, a friend of mine from our figure drawing sessions, has given me a weekly reminder of my lack of an updates. Okay Patman, so now that I've finally listened to you, how about a quid pro quo and give me a two-minute stop and check during the next session?

Yesterday was the first of a three-part watercolor workshop I'm hosting here at the studio. It was a solid and friendly group with a nice flow of questions. This first session was primarily a lecture and demonstration, but everyone got to do a few exercises. The next two sessions will be a little more hands on, and I'll get a chance to look over other people's shoulders. It was originally scheduled as a free hour workshop, but I refused to stop painting and the students refused to leave. I think we snuck in an extra hour and a half or so before hunger ushered us out of the studio.

Lucille here was the painting I worked on during the demonstration. She was a great subject and offered countless opportunities to explain a variety of picture making techniques.