Friday, July 31, 2009

Diamond Cutting

Progressing along to smaller tiles. Ultimately this process should go from light to dark, but I often go back and add medium values to some of the lights. I'm often a bit conservative about darkening things too quickly. With watercolors you can always go darker but you cannot go lighter.

I also find that as my tiles get smaller I tend to make them more visible, or give them harder edges. I'm thinking of edges turning at different angles like facets on a diamond, and I tried to change the color and value of those facets depending on their relationship to the light source.


riq said...


just when I thought you've done everything you can with color.. you pull out something new!

Tripper said...

Damn Brian, just damn.

mike choi said...


This is Mike Choi, the guy who commissioned the piece from you.

I LOVE it. Thank you so much. I'm so happy that it was a subject that you cared about, and it shows with every stroke. The likeness is incredible, and you totally captured her and why I loved Bewitched so much :)

I gave Randy a huge hug as soon as I saw it.

Two questions: One can I buy the prelims from you? And two, can I get a Jeannie? :P

Thanks again

Neal said...

Loooooove seeing this process, thanks Brian!

brian said...

mike: Dude, I am a huge fan of all the girls of TV Land. Bewitched was a special favorite, and I can credit most of that to Elizabeth. I mean, she had superpowers. What can be cooler than that? I've always wanted to do a portrait of her, and your suggestion was just enough to push me over that edge.

Give her a good home and I hope you enjoy her as much as I did.

riq: good having you over the other day man. It's guys like you that keep me on my toes.

btw you left your Robert Mcginnis book. Not that you should come and get it, but it's here.

Roger: you still keeping the camera heated up? See you at DragonCon.

Steven Salvatore said...

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