Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moving still

I'm currently working on a series of Flash covers, and I'm quite enjoying the assignment. My initial thought was to try to make every cover a study in motion and distortion, but my favorite design for this current cover required static figures. My thoughts on this sketch was to try to shift the movement from the figure to the composition. In this sketch I deliberately turned Flash’s head away in an effort to keep the reader's eyes moving along the looping lightning bolts, but the editor asked me to change his head position so that he would engage the reader. I was reluctant to make this change at first, but in the end I have to admit it lead to a stronger image.

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Samuel Ellis said...

I really don't think seeing the Flash's Face helps engage the reader more.

I think seeing how much the Flash is concerned with the victim, engages the reader more as there becomes a greater sense of urgency and believability to the situation at hand.