Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Perfect Storm dismount

It's not quite as obviously rubbed out as I initially thought, but I am both surprised and very pleased with the results. This technique is a constant combination of making a mess and cleaning it up, so you're only partially in control of the steering wheel. You have to collaborate with the procedure and allow it to go where it needs to. Sometimes when I'm at my luckiest it takes me to places like this.


A. Taylor said...

Hey Brian,
Just found your blog! Thanks for documenting your process, it's always interesting to see you paint. Been a while, though!
Hope you and Stine are well.
Anthony Taylor

Erin said...

I am a friend of Rob's...he sent me here to see what you did with the cover....beautiful! I really love what you did with her portrait!


mjartist said...

Very cool blog site!! Great seeing how you work!!

I have a quick question...probably one of many to come.

First one is what type of watercolors do you use, tube or pan, and is there any particular brand you use? I use Holbien tubes for the most part because the colors really pop and have found a Yarka pan set that works on the fly.

Just curious...and again, really cool site!

HartCactus said...

great use of Complimetary Colors...i suspect you took a lot of color theory classes. well done Brian!

brian said...

Andy, good to hear from you man. I've been planning on doing this for a while, but I'm a great procrastinator.

erin, Rob is the man, and his excitement is contagious.

mj, I prefer using pans instead of tubes. The pigment load is higher and there's much less waste. I'm also a big fan of the convenience.
Mark Chiarello turned me on to Schminke watercolors years ago, and I've been a believer ever since. Although lately I have been picking up a few Lukas colors. Holbien is a great way to go. Their colors are tremendously consistent, and they make the best purples in the industry.

hart, I find color theory classes are almost useless. They have a tendency to concentrate on the academics of color, and gloss over application. "What" is meaningless unless it answers a "why."

jeff singh said...

great site. i love to see the works in progress, gives us non-artists an understanding of the artistic process and the level of artistry involved in the final image. thanks,
jeff singh


nice quote there

if color theory classes are useless what is the alternative?