Wednesday, June 18, 2008

By any other name

This process of heating and cooling the figure based on temperature and tension also applies to painting. I believe this combination creates a unity between line, value, and color, and this unity is what creates something more than just a colored line drawing.

Of course a great number of these rules don't necessarily apply when painting a face. A whole different set of laws apply there, and for now you're on your own.

image from the collection of Jedi Johnny.


Chris Sims said...

Amazing! I find myself learning so much from your blog. I know you do a lot of watercolor but have you experimented with any other paint medium?

brian said...

I would go so far as to say that I've experimented with all of them. That even includes casein paints, and various automotive enamels. For the longest time I used this paint designed for nurses shoes as my go to opaque white. I am an insatiable dabbler. I haven't necessarily mastered all of them, but I play.

davejohnsonart said...
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davejohnsonart said...

Wasn't there some comment about using "oatmeal on a piece of uncooked spaghetti" or something?
Brian inspired me to experiment. I'm comfortable "not being comfortable" with a piece. That's when you know you're going someplace good, and not predictable.

wlfmn68 said...

This is a sweeeeet piece, I love the layout.

brian said...

dave: I started this thing specifically for guys like you who I know will try and apply what you learn. It's good to know you're here.

wlf: there much appreciated.