Saturday, June 14, 2008

Druuna dismount

I think I met Serpieri at about the halfway point. It's impossible for me to avoid the angular style of the figure, but I think she's has curves where it counts. Surprisingly I think I'm happiest with the hair. This was a fun experiment and very educational. I think I'll spend more time in the future at the College of Serpieri.


Royce Thrower said...

Thanks for the look behind the scenes and into your thought processes. Excellent piece Brian.

See you this weekend at Heroes.

Craig Zablo said...

Love the stages and thought processes along the way. Oh, and the art ain't bad neither!

NB2 said...

Wow wow wee wow. Yoda outside of the temple, using the force where all the world can see. I'm very happy you did this, sir. Between this and nerding out on the Isaac Newton documentary, I am fired up for the weekend.

jason s said...

wow! came out fantastic!

Evan said...

Love this process documentation Brian! Also love seeing Druuna. I've loved the work of Serpieri for years and I don't hear nearly enough people talk about his outstanding work. I guess because of the mature nature of his work.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

Always loved ya work man, seriously. You're a dude i wish i could've learned from.

Marcelo Perini said...

WOW Brian! I can't believe you took my sugestion on the forum serious! This is sooo nice!!! You're the man!

Chris Sims said...

Thank you for this blog. I always loved seeing the progress stuff and your work is just phenominal!

Your Druuna is no exception!

davejohnsonart said...

Masterfully executed and awesomely articulated.
Dude, when are you writing a book?

riq said...

Wowie Bri-

I just found your blog..

It's great to see you give a process breakdown!!


Kid Kalig said...

Man, I am so glad you have a blog. Your work has had such a huge effect on my art for a while now, so to be able to learn bits and pieces of your process, even for afar, is a huge honor. Thanx.


Danielle Fornarelli said...

This is such a sexy drawing, very alluring.

wlfmn68 said...

I've done that...really.

R. Luedke said...

Hey Brian,
beautiful always! How's life treating you? It's been about 10 years since we collaborated (on No Justice/No Piece). I've currently in the middle of a graphic novel tretralogy...come see at:

Also, if you're at Comic Con this year, stop by and say hi! I'm at booth P8, in the small press pavillion.


A. Taylor said...

Another smashing piece, Brian. I've always found it amusing that movie studios used to deny the existence of matte painters and special effects artists, fearing that divulging the process would somehow diminish the magic.
This blog is proof otherwise.
Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego - sad that we have to fly to the opposite side of the country to grab a beer when we we live in the same city, isn't it?

brian said...

royce: Did heroes walk or what? Fun show specifically because of fun people.

zablo: nice avatar.

nb2: Kick some ass we will.

Jay: I wish we had more time to hang at the show, perhaps Baltimore.

evan: Serpieri is definitely not for those who are light of heart or strong of morals.
A friend, and a remarkably talented young woman was in the studio when I started the pencils. She asked if she could see the inspiration for the peace, and I started flipping through my collection of Serpieri JPEG's. It did feel a little odd after the 6th or 7th image of dangling thunder.

roc: well now you will.

riq: glad you found it.

bob: no Comic Con for me this year, unless I'm forced to.

Anonymous said...