Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thinking not doing

I also think of Serpieri's mad crosshatching style as synonymous with the character, but it's miles away from my comfort zone. On these occasions I try not to simply copy or mimic what an artist does, but instead I try to figure out their thought process. I believe the education comes from figuring out why a person uses a particular technique instead of how to reproduce that technique. I found it very intriguing how he uses his line work to not only delineate lighting and value but to sculpt the form as well. His crosshatching flows over the form like cascades of contrasting rivulets. It really heightens the three-dimensional quality of the figure.
I'm setting up most of the stage with a combination of acrylics and pigmented markers.


mjartist said...

Really cool seeing this part of the process. One thing I have wondered about your watercolor work is how do you decide which color of pens to use at this stage. Do you have the finished painting vivid in your mind or do you have a color rough that you go by?

Really like the look and feel of this on.

brian said...

direct your attention to "A Rose for mike." I think this may answer some of your questions