Friday, August 1, 2008

Enter the Dragon

Seeing that I'm in the swing of the classics. This months babe is the Dragon Lady from Milt Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates. Robert and I made the decision to go with her, but I had no idea what to do. She has a great look and I just assumed something would come to me. Then Benno, a good friend of mine, paid a visit to the studio. He had a Milt Caniff hand colored print in his portfolio, and that clinched it. I decided to follow Milt's lead and to keep the image simple and direct.

You simply can't draw a Milt Caniff girl without thinking of Joan Crawford, and I can't have pictures of Joan Crawford on my desk without drawing her.

By the way, rent Mildred Pierce and enjoy the Crawford goodness when you get the chance.


Benno said...

Thanks for the shout out Brian. I love this sketch page-the bold ink on the layout and the subtle pencils for the face studies. Quite an interesting contrast.

brian said...

benno; big thanks to you man. I've almost accidentally started a sketchbook, and most of the sketches here on the blog were started in that book. I keep it next to the desk like a convenient stack of paper, and sometimes it's fun to allow the hands to wander while the mind does the same.