Friday, August 1, 2008

Black Dragon dismount

It almost caused me pain to go so bold on some of those lines while in process, but now it seems the right decision. The best thing about the classic inking styles is that you have to rush your way through them. If you are too slow and careful you lose the slash and burn spontaneity which are the hallmarks of the period.

I'll post some of the hand colored prints when I get them finished.

One of the things I admire most about those guys is their strict adherence to story. Every line and brushstroke was meant to embody character, attitude, or drama. For those guys art was the byproduct


Jake Ekiss said...

I think it's astonishing how classic the ink work makes this piece look. I'm used to seeing all your natural stuff and this is like some wierd shock to the system. It's clearly Brian, but so well informed by previous work that I'm just blown away.

If you're in Dallas again sometime remind me; I work at a shop that restores vintage comics and art. If you want to see some stuff I bet I could arrange a visit. We got a Detective Dan a few months back, and the grail for me was the original DC and Fawcet ashcans of "Flash Comics" that came through. Just saying...

Sam Ellis and MissleMan said...

Ka-Kow, and or Boosh!

Looks great Brian, and nice nod in the Sig.

brian said...

jake; I'm currently laying plans to make a visit to Dallas. I'll let you know when things get more solid.

sam; good catch man. All the classic guys went with the square chop, so I thought anything else would be uncivilized.

Jake Ekiss said...

Right on man, just let me know when and I'll set it up. Already ran it past my boss and calmed all his paranoid delusions that everyone is out to steal his trade secrets.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Beautiful pic.

Nicely done.

riq said...


Love this piece.. I think the amazing part of it is that you got the classic "feel" and still kept your own zing to it..

It's kinda like Jimmy Hendrix remaking a song- He takes it and make it his without changing it too much or just copying.

Although I have to give Jimmy a few points on you though( it's just the way of the universe..)



Kennis said...

I absolutely love the ink job on this piece. I know Brian was doing an homage to the works of old masters but I think this kind of art is as relevant now as it is underused. There are not many working inkers today who could do as good a job. I realize it's a longshot but I would love to see more work like this from you Brian.